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For Love,
for Change,
for Justice.

Our 2023 Fundraising

We celebrate and honour the global community – of founders, donors, staff, partners, and feminist movements – that have made Mama Cash rich in history, courage, and wisdom.

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Our 2023 Grantmaking

Forty years
of feminist impact

What began in 1983 as a small-scale, visionary initiative of five lesbian feminists seated around a kitchen table in Amsterdam has since grown into a leading and dynamic international feminist fund.

Our Grantee-partners

Jennifer Aliu-Kadiri, Programme Officer for Diversity & Inclusion, Intersex Nigeria:

“Mama Cash has an openness that I really like. They’ve always showed that feminist principle, which I admire and respect. If something’s not working, we can reach out."

Indira Kumari Shreesh, Chairperson, INWOLAG:

"When Indigenous women are united and advocate for their issues and rights within a larger movement, we become a powerful force.”

Semerian Sankori, Founder & ED, Patinaai Osim:

“Without the support of Mama Cash, Patinaai Osim wouldn’t be where it is right now. Through Mama Cash, we’ve been able to get other funders. They’ve offered strategic guidance, and networking and collaboration opportunities. Now we’re a community where women can stand up and say: this is right, and this is wrong.”

Laura Aristizábal, Progamme Weaver at Numun Fund:

“We wanted to explore and share our understandings of feminist ..."

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Since 1983, Mama Cash has provided €140 million in funding to feminist movements worldwide.

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Mama Cash’s founders believed that it was through the liberation of women that oppressive traditional values could be dismantled for all and that global, structural injustice could be abolished. In 40 years, we provided €140 million to feminist movements worldwide.

This includes: €91,252,596 in direct grantmaking, €38,000,000 in grants to CMI! Alliance partners, €9,236,500 in RUF grantmaking between 2012-2023. Additionally, between 1983- 2001, there were €1,200,000 in guarantees from the Guarantee Fund, and €408,228 in other loans and guarantees.

direct grants

For Love,
for Change,
for Justice.

‘For 40 years, we have kept our grounded understanding that the feminist movements build a more just, joyful, and sustainable world.’

‘We invite you to embrace the feminist call to action, and join us in sharing the love, celebrating the change, and championing the cause of justice everywhere.’

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